With the bus

The main bus station is located right next to the train station and from there you take one of the city bus lines that will get you to the hostel.

The best way to reach our hostel by bus is from the station called “Bavarski dvor” since the bus lines which drive by the main bus station’s building (called ‘Kolodvor’) do not have a direct connection to the hostel – you would have to switch buses which would be a complete waste of time since the hostel is really close.

How to reach Bavarski dvor city bus station:

When you exit the main train station turn right and walk straight ahead until you reach a big crossroad and turn left to Slovenska (cesta) street. After 1 minute walk you will see the bus station – you should be on the right side of the street looking from direction you came. (There is a store Mercator next to it). It is pretty obvious, since it is the main city bus station in Ljubljana.   There you can take bus lines number 7, 8 or 25. Get off at the “Tivoli” city-bus station and walk a little bit further in the direction the bus you just left went. On the right side of the street you will see a sign “Hostel Tivoli”. (Hostel is situated behind the store where they sell motorbikes).


They do not sell bus tickets on the city-busses. If you would like to use the bus, you need a card called “Urbana”. Ask for it at the information desk at the main train/bus station. The card costs 2 €. Each ride costs 1,20 €. Each ticket is valid for 1,5 hours.

If you cannot find the right way, ask locals for directions or call us. You can find our phone numbers in this webpage.

BUS lines